Why should I have my AC system tuned up and inspected each year?

If you have been using an air conditioning and heating system, you have probably asked yourself this question, “Why should I have my system tuned up and inspected each year?” In this article, you are going to learn in detail everything you need to know about tuning up your system and inspection yearly.

Our air Preferred Air conditioning and heating system team is always ready to help you with all the attention needed to keep your system functioning perfectly.

We are going to help you understand the system by dissembling it and breaking it down into details. After all this, you will understand how dirt, dust and debris are the enemies attacking your conditioning system.

First, agents such as dust and debris reduce the life of your heating and air conditioning system. This, in turn, leads to lots of grief and headache when it comes to spending huge sums of money paying repair bills as well as your utility bills climbing up.

We aim to help you prevent some of those costs, which is why we are going to walk you through the entire process that could reduce the costs and more.

Why You Need Your Furnace System Tuned Up and Inspected Yearly

With your furnace up in your system’s attic and your indoor coil, you already have half of your air conditioner. The other half of the AC Unit is hooked together with the first half via the copper pipes.

When it comes to inspecting the system, first things come first. Here is the process:

The coil is opened to make sure it is not plugged up, or that dirt does not get into the bloomer section. Now, you need to know that your furnace has two parts. The first section is the upwards heating section with open vents.

The heating section is vulnerable to dirt and dust because they find their way easily through the fresh air flames that circulate in and out. Moreover, the heating section is a sealed compartment which means anything that gets in goes past the filter.

If you are using a furnace system with an attic section, it means you are using pleated filters and not the high-efficiency filtration. Over time, furnaces get dust and dirt particles. When this happens, dirt and dust move to the blower wheel inside, inside the blower, there is also a motor with a dark ring at the center. If your system is not inspected or tuned up, you will experience oil leakages, which is costly to repair than checking it and correcting it.

Tuning Up and Inspecting Keeps Your System Wheel in Good Condition

If you look at your conditioning and heating system, you will see a wheel that is vulnerable to dirt and dust. Once the wheel is full of dust, your conditioning and heating system will fail to work efficiently. 

A Tune-Up Increases Efficiency and Decreases Cooling Costs

Over time, your system allows in debris and dust which collect on the coils. When the evaporator coils, more dust is attracted in the indoor section. Again, the outdoor condenser coils tend to become filled with dust. Dust and dirt that build-up on these sections impedes airflow and blocks heat transfer. Once this happens, your conditioner would not be able to cool your house efficiently.

How We Can Help You

As you can see, living with a conditioning and heating system that works perfectly is not an easy thing. To make sure you have access to an excellent heated house and magnificent cool effects, you need help from professionals. With our team at your disposal, you will reduce cost as well as enjoy perfect results from your conditioning and heating system.

Why should I have my system tuned up and inspected each year? – Watch Our Video

Why should I have my system tuned up and inspected each year? Well, in today’s Preferred pointers, we’re going to talk about that in great detail. We’re actually going to take you up into the attics where a lot of our air conditioning and heating systems are here in the Coachella Valley https://youtu.be/ZYrxAUjyTRs Rick Cubas:.

We’re going to take apart those systems and dive into those details and show you how dirt, dust, and debris is really attacking your air conditioning system. It’s shortening the life of your air conditioning and heating system, it’s causing you a lot of heartache and grief when it comes to spending all that money on repair bills, and your utility bills are skyrocketing.

Well, we want to help prevent some of those things, and Brock, our field adviser is actually going to walk us through the entire process.

AC system tuned up and inspected each year

Brock: This is your furnace up in the attic. That is your indoor coil right there. This is actually half of your air conditioner, and it hooks up to the other half of the air conditioner outside via these copper pipes.

I opened up the coil, because I wanted to make sure that it’s not getting plugged up or dirty like the bloomer section. It’s similar to your house. This compartment here is dirty. Now, your furnace has these two sections, just as a reminder.

You’ve got the heating section up here, which has those open vents, so it’s normal for dirt and dust to get inside of here because it needs fresh air for the flames.

This is a sealed compartment though, so anything that gets in here is what’s getting past the filter. On this particular house you’re using regular pleated filters; you’re not using high-efficiency filtration. Over time, fine dirt and dust particles or any other fine particle is just going to accumulate on this over time. What happens is it starts to get on the electrical components and it starts to get on the motor and it starts to get on the blower wheel inside here.

There’s the motor there, and it’s got that dark ring in the center. That usually means it’s leaking oil, but I’ll get a better idea once I’m actually able to pull this thing out of here.


AC system tuned up and inspected each year


If we look at the wheel, the wheel is just caked up with dirt and dust. This is cutting down on the efficiency of the system, it’s making the motor work harder, and again, that’s everything that they’re breathing. But I wanted to make sure that the coil, this guy, didn’t look like that, like dirty.

This coil is not too bad. I mean, I would definitely recommend giving it a light spray. You can see some particles starting to kind of build up on the fins there, but the dirtier this coil is, the harder the air conditioner system is going to work.

There is some dirt and dust just kind of piled at the bottom there. This thing doesn’t need a deep cleaning, which would basically mean we’d have to remove it, but I can clean it in place here with some coil cleaner and a pump sprayer because the water will just collect in that pan and then drain outside. I know you just had the ducts cleaned, so the ducts actually do look pretty clean.

As you can see, there’s no dirt or dust buildup inside of the ducting there, so it looks pretty good. The reason why this is getting dirty is because there’s no high-efficiency filtration, and there’s no air purifier. So yeah, that’s something you’re going to want to consider. You can avoid having to clean this, avoid having to do those blower cleanings, is by having good filtration and good air purification just so you don’t have to deal with it.

As of now, I’m going to recommend a deep cleaning on the blower, just like we did at your house, and then I’m also going to recommend a light cleaning on this coil here. So I will send you over that stuff.

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