Can I have a Plumber out while Social Distancing?

We appreciate that everyone, including you, is taking the CDC’s rules seriously during this pandemic. These regulations depend on your situation; for instance, in public, you can ensure social distancing, at home self-quarantine, or hygiene wherever you are. The COVID-19 virus is lethal, and there are no signs of de-escalation of its spread, just yet. However, life must move on, which means services you require can still be offered, under strict deadlines.

Can I Call a Plumber in Indio, Palm Springs, or Palm Desert While Social Distancing?

Here at Preferred Services, we have a new Zero Contact Service Calls service that is predominantly designed to cope with the pandemic. Let’s expound on this a little.

Zero Contact Service Calls

Our goal here is to not expose you to any risk of exposure to the virus. As much as this sounds strange, we have come up with strategies to ensure that we can fix your plumbing, AC, or heating issues without face to face interaction. We intend to do this by using technology for diagnosis, communication, and financing that are as effective as in person.

Zero Contact Service Calls1

Our service technicians are equipped with remote work skills that will ensure that we communicate effectively while delivering unbeaten services, even from a distance. We use Zoom and FaceTime for video calls, email and SMS for messaging, and we are flexible with what tools you prefer.

Safety Measures During In-Person Interaction 

Of course, it would be practically impossible to not come into contact during our interactions. Yes, social distancing can help reduce the spread, but there’s more.

Safety Measures During In-Person Interaction

On top of regular handwashing, our service technicians will always make sure they have facemasks on, nitrile gloves, and hand sanitizers whenever they are working with you. We have also equipped our trucks with fumigation units that we use to sanitize ourselves and the places we lay feet in your home. These make up our Standard Operating Procedures during the pandemic.

In addition to the above measures, we ensure that we are interacting from a distance of at least six feet, or two arm’s length, as healthcare experts advised. We will also require you to have your mask on when conversing with our technicians, to protect you.

We Are Working During Quarantine

You might be wondering how to get your sewer system fixed due to leaks or water line installations during the quarantine. Plumbing issues do not need to bug you all year in. We will handle installation and repairs as effectively as possible, all at no extra cost on top of our flat-rate fees. So, yes, you can call us during quarantine, and we will be more than happy to help you.

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