What is the Current Status of The HVAC and Plumbing Industry in Coachella Valley 2020?

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Show Notes:Current Status of The HVAC and Plumbing Industry in Coachella Valley 2020

  • The COVID 19 and US-China trade wars have changed the industry 
  • The objective of the video is to bring in an expert in the field to discuss what is going to help business owners and homeowners make informed decisions 
  • Preferred services ca offer air conditioning, plumbing, and heating services in the entire Coachella Valley. That is from whitewater river to thermal community 
    • There has been an increase in prices for most appliances and services and to some extent, shortages of items 
    • The company had to substitute the products since their suppliers had run out of stock or production was cut short. This is major because of COVID-19
    • There is the challenge of products prices going up but the main challenge is the supply – the availability of products 
    • Prices have increased by up to 45 % but the normal prices have gone up by 6-8% 
    • The company is working on creative ways to offset these costs so that the end buyer does not feel the pain
    • Rick advises that it’s better to plan for air conditioning system all year in especially if they are 10 years older 
      • Reasons being the technology is outdated
      • Efficiency is extremely low
      • Replacing the AC can save you up to 50% of the electricity bill
      • Old systems have no warranty 
    • Rick says you don’t have to replace the system, it can be maintained. These include tune-ups, check-ups, and clean-ups. They are offering a $49 tune-up at the moment 
    • NB: manufacturers require that you do at most 1 maintenance per year for the warranty to be valid
      • Side note: dust and dirt is the #1 killer of heating and AC systems in the valley 
    • Rick claims that the maintenance clean-ups are thorough and ensures high efficiency and as low utility bills as possible while maintaining the manufactures warranty. The cleanups should be done at least twice a year 
    • Why is the pricing strategy different from others: Preferred protection program. This program includes AC, heating, and plumbing maintenance
      • Plumbing maintenance involves mainly water heater flushing 
      • When the water heater is not flushed frequently, it can reduce efficiency as hard water builds up, minerals build up such as magnesium and calcium collects on the bottom of the tank. 
      • How mineral build-up reduces efficiency and increases utility bills: when the system is heating the water, it has to strain to heat the minerals first, and this consumes a lot of power and time. The hard water build-up also damages the inside of the water heater tank
    • How they are getting five-star reviews 
      • They have hired good people who are focused on helping the customer and have the right skills to handle multiple issues
    • Rick echos the issue of tune-up if one hasn’t done one in over 6 months.
    • Rick says that if one is considering a replacement, there currently have 18 months no payment no interest

Current Status of The HVAC and Plumbing Industry in Coachella Valley 2020

Current Status of The HVAC and Plumbing Industry in Coachella Valley 2020

Over the past few months, we have seen huge shifts in various sectors of the economy. With everything going on, these sectors have been met with setbacks that have caused stagnation, closure, or suspension of many activities.

Notably, the effects of menaces such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the US versus China trade wars, natural calamities, et cetera, have affected businesses worldwide. Here in Coachella Valley, we have had our ups and downs in the HVAC and plumbing business.

Regulations such as social distancing, no travel, staying at home, and limiting in-person contact have made it hard for us to serve our customers like before. However, irrespective of this, we have adopted creative ways and continued to offer our services.

Comparing the HVAC and Plumbing Industry Before and During COVID-19 Pandemic

Before the COVID-19 hit the Valley, we had been carrying out our regular house calls, routine maintenance checks, buying appliances for our customers, and so on. This has been our business model since we started operations. When the CDC directed that everyone should stay at home, work from home, limit interactions, we experienced huge setbacks. Operations were reduced significantly, our technicians worked in shifts, and generally, our workforce and workload reduced.

Comparing the HVAC and Plumbing Industry Before and During COVID-19 Pandemic

These challenges forced us to adopt new ways to ensure you get the satisfaction we guarantee and keep everyone safe. Moving on, we consulted health professionals and other experts who helped us develop means to continue doing business in a health crisis. In effect, we came up with new operating procedures that our technicians and support staff follow nowadays.

Changes in the HVAC and Plumbing Industry  

As we have seen, the COVID-19 virus has brought about radical changes in the industry. The issue of no travel and reduced workforce has automatically affected prices and supply. For instance, we have seen products that have gone up with over 45% of regular prices. But several products have gone up with small percentages of between 6 – 8%. Many suppliers have also written to us that some appliances will have price increases, and others are out of stock. These changes were unexpected, but we are doing the best to remain focused on our goal—offering you unparalleled services.

Expert Recommendations – What We Advise Concerning Your Units and Systems

We understand that you might not be prioritizing repairs, installations, or maintenances now. However, you need to also remember that here in the Valley, our HVAC systems are essential. More so, now that you are spending much time at home, you need an environment that is clean, safe, and favorable. Therefore, we have a few tips that can ensure all this while saving you money.

  • Get Regular Tune-Ups for Your Appliances

You see, most appliances such as the AC are prone to damages by dust and debris because of the strong desert winds. These may cause damages, which will eventually lead to high power consumption.

Get Regular Tune-Ups for Your Appliances

Also, mineral deposits and hard water will affect the water heater, making it consume more power to heat water. Tune-ups, clean-ups, and check-ups by professional technicians can help you get your appliances running efficiently. In fact, we are offering a $49 tune-up now.

  • Replace Appliances that Are More than 10 Years Old

Inasmuch as we do not recommend replacements, there is an exception, and we will give you reasons why. Old appliances tend to have low efficiency due to outdated technology and a faulty system. This will mostly apply to water heaters, furnaces, and AC units. When these systems are old and obsolete, they tend to consume much power. When a system is that old, the chances are that the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, and you cannot get a replacement, not unless you purchase a new one. If you consider a replacement, we are currently offering 18 months with no payment, no interest replacement offer.

  • Do at Most 2 Maintenances Per Year to Maintain Warranty 

For relatively new appliances, you need to consider calling in technicians to handle maintenances. Maintenances will help keep the machine working correctly over time. And most manufacturers require that you do not tamper with the devices a lot to maintain the warranty. Ensuring your appliances are working perfectly can save you high on energy bills.


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Current Status of The HVAC and Plumbing Industry in Coachella Valley 2020