How Do I Get Rid of The Hot Spots in My Home?

When you hear people talk about hot spots in their homes, they are talking about closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms that do not seem to get the best cooling from their conditioning systems.

At Preferred Services, our team gets more in-depth into making sure we have helped you with all your home’s temperature controlling needs. We all know it can be frustrating when you cannot control your house’s temperature consistently. Especially when you live in the Desert cities like Indio and Palm Springs!

However, before you start to think of ordering a new system, the truth is that your conditioning unit probably is not broken.

If you are tired of hot spots in your home, and you cannot seem to find a viable solution to the problem, Preferred services zoning is an excellent solution for you.

How We Can Help You Get Rid of Hot Spots in Your Home

  • One is to make sure all your conditioning system’s joints are sealed up. To seal them up, our team of AC experts will put an air duct sealant over all the joints that are connected to make sure there is no leaking of any air into your attic space area.
  • Next section that needs sealing is going to help in your system’s indoor section that is going to make sure there will not be air sucking in the attic area.
  • Another excellent solution we will help you out to get rid of your home’s hot spots is by installing a ductless mini split.


How Does A Ductless Mini Split Help in Getting Rid of Your Home’s Hot Spots?

First of all, this device is called a ductless mini-split because if you look at the work Preferred Services does, you will mostly see that we use air handlers that hang on the wall instead of ductwork that runs into attics.

The other thing we use to help you get rid of hot spots is using refrigerant lines that go from your system’s air handler, which blows air throughout your home or that specific spot you are trying to cool down.

Refrigerant lines go out to your system’s condenser unit outside. The reason why you should use a mini-split ductless device is that it is more of a slimline condenser compared to others, and is extremely good because it can go through your system’s tight spaces.

With the ductless mini-split at your home, you do not require a lot of space to get rid of the hot air and allow air circulation that is needed to remove the heat out of your house.

Again, the best thing about our ductless mini-split slimline condenser is that it comes with a pad that sits on its outside.

Another great reason is that it also comes with a safety disconnecting box. Its other accessories include an air handler that blows cool air excellently to your hot areas.

Lastly, the ductless mini-split comes with a handheld remote control that is designed to perfectly regulate temperature every time you have your control at hand. Once you have programmed the Slimline condenser, you can turn it up and down and have it working as a regular thermostat on your wall; you will be able to allow access of cool air in all areas of your home.

Understanding the Ductless Zoned Temperature to Get Rid of Hot Spots in Your Home

If you are using a thermostat and it indicates a certain temperature, know that this does not mean all the temperatures in your entire house are at the same level.

The thing is heat will always rise with your upstairs getting warmer than your home downstairs. With the ductless zone temperature controlling, you can place the controller in several areas at intervals to ensure adequate fresh air flowing throughout your home.

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How do I get rid of the hot spots in my home? Watch Our Video


Hey, what’s up, Coachella Valley? Rick Cubas here, owner of Preferred Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing, here to talk to you about a solution that we have for customers experiencing hot spots in their house. Now, when I’m talking about hot spots, I’m talking about those bedrooms, those closets, those bathrooms, whatever it might be, those playrooms that just never seem to get the cooling you’re after.

how do I get rid of the hot spots in my home

In today’s Preferred pointers, I want to take you over here to the Preferred technician lab to talk to you a little bit about some of the solutions that we have to those hot spot problems. Now, you might have in your attic a ductwork such as this, typically, not sheet metal like this. You probably have flex ductwork. It’s either silver.

Most of the time, it’s the old trash bag style black ductwork, but it’s typically the wrong size and not installed properly and not sealed properly. So, you’re probably getting a lot of airflow that’s going through the different joints that connect all the ductwork together. So, you’re basically cooling your attic. So, again, what we’re finding a lot of times on our maintenance calls as we’re going through cleaning the systems, we’re finding that we’re losing a lot of air in the attic, which means you’re losing a lot of your hard-earned money right in the attic.

Now, that wouldn’t be such a problem if you had your TV and your bedrooms up in the attic because it’d be nice and cool up there, right? The indoor air quality is horrific obviously in the attic with all that insulation, so you wouldn’t want that, but what I’m here to tell you is that we have some very, very easy solutions to this problem. One of those solutions is to make sure that all your joints are sealed up like this.

So, we put an air duct sealant over all of the joints that are connecting together to make sure that you’re not leaking any air into the attic. This is also going to be great for indoor air quality to make sure you’re not sucking in any attic air. So, a lot of times, there’s some simple adjustments we can make with the ductwork by sealing it or replacing sections of it, but the real solution and the fast solution to make sure that you get the cooling you’re after is by installing what’s called a ductless mini split.

We call it a ductless because as you can see, we just have an air handler such as this that hangs on the wall instead of ductwork running into your attic. That’s why it’s called a ductless system, and then we have the refrigerant lines that go from your air handler, again, which blows that air throughout your home or that hot spot that you’re trying to cool down. They have the refrigerant lines that go out to your condenser unit outside.

Your normal condenser unit looks something like this. So, you typically have something like this currently for your central system, and then the ductless mini split is more of a slimline condenser. So, what’s really good about this is that it can go on really tight spaces. It doesn’t need a whole lot of space to get the air circulation that it needs to remove the heat out of your home and then again, just install this air handler on the wall. how do I get rid of the hot spots in my home

So, again, we could put this in bedrooms. We could put this in playrooms, and what’s become very, very popular is customers that want to cool off their garages. Yes. They want to keep those cars cool, so it’s not brutally miserable when they try to get in their car in the middle of the summer, or they have a playroom in their garage, or they have a man cave or a she-shed going on in there. Who knows?

The bottom line is, wherever you want to get cooling into the house, we can make it happen with these ductless systems. Again, it comes with an outdoor slimline condenser. It comes with the pad that it sits on outside. It does come with a safety disconnect box, which is per the local codes, your refrigerant lines, and your air handler, which blows the air wherever you need it to go.

Last but not least, it has a handheld remote control, so this will actually regulate the temperature wherever you have that remote control. So, you can program it. You can turn the temperature up and down and just like a regular thermostat on the wall, except it is in your hand. So, there you have it, the Preferred Services ductless mini split installation for your garage or whatever hot spot you might have in your home.

This is one of the best solutions that you’re going to want to consider for this summer coming up. Give us a call. We’d love to talk to you more about the promotions that are going on with these units and to educate you on further details of this installation. You can call us at 760-863-0832. Thanks again for watching. Until next time.