How Regular Maintenance of HVAC and Plumbing Systems Can Help You

When was the last time you had your outdoor AC unit cleaned or the air vent and ducts vacuumed? Well, if you can’t really remember, maybe it’s time. Maintenance is an essential step to ensuring your HVAC and plumbing systems are working effectively as intended. When your HVAC systems are in good condition, they guarantee you uninterrupted service and peace of mind. You will encounter reduced repairs and replacement costs, and eventually low utility bills. But what really is maintenance, and can you do it yourself? Read on to find out.

What HVAC Maintenance Entails 

Depending on the HVAC technology, service provider, and preferences, maintenance will fall into either of the following categories.

  • Tune-ups

This is the process of restoring the HVAC or plumbing system to functioning again whenever they break down or face technical hitches. These tune-ups can be quite expensive, especially since the technician might be forced to replace some parts. A system that is well maintained will hardly get to such a point unless a major setback such as a fire outbreak happens. It is also noteworthy that most HVAC manufacturers require you have one maintenance in a year for the warranty to remain valid.

  • Check-ups 

Check-ups are diagnostics on the HVAC and plumbing systems to identify possible threats and track the system’s health. These check-ups could be regular or not, depending on various issues. For instance, when you notice anomalies in the system, you could contact our technicians and have them come for diagnosis. If there is anything to worry about, the technicians will recommend the best possible solution. Check-ups are the best ways you can avoid substantial tune-up costs.

  • Clean-ups

Clean-ups are somewhat like check-ups but in a more specific sense. Most HVAC systems are usually prone to dirt and debris, especially here in Coachella Valley. Therefore, the dirt becomes a big hindrance when it blocks the fans or vents. Similarly, hard water leaves sediments on water heaters, which significantly increases their electricity consumption. And more importantly, the vents bringing in air inside gets clogged with oxidants and dust, thus affecting the air quality reaching your home. To counter this, the systems need to be cleaned and vacuumed regularly for efficient performance.


How Regular Maintenance of HVAC and Plumbing Systems Can Help You

Do You Need to Replace Your HVAC Systems?

Most of our customers are always asking when it’s the best time to replace an AC, furnace, or water heater. And our answer has always been, hold and let’s see if there is something we can do first. Replacing the whole unit is expensive. However, a tune-up might cost you less than $ 100 and solve the issue completely.

When deciding on whether to replace or tune-up an appliance, efficiency should be your primary concern. Efficiency, in this case, refers to how well the system performs its purpose while functioning optimally. Therefore, when a water heater, for example, is taking longer than before to heat water, that’s inefficiency. In this case, you will need to call a technician and have them clean the tank.

Before anything, at Preferred, we first send technicians to evaluate and see if there is the old system’s viability giving you value for your money or a need for a new one. If our diagnostics estimates reveal that a repair will be expensive in the long run, we will advise you to replace the system to cut on electricity and repair bills.

Finally, since an ideal AC typically lasts about 15-20 years, we would recommend that you replace these systems. The good news is if you are considering a replacement, we are currently offering an 18-months-no-payment-no-interest deal.

Conclusion – How Regular Maintenance of HVAC and Plumbing Systems Can Help You

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