How to Choose a Good HVAC Service Company

The HVAC industry is quite saturated with service providers, especially here in California. This makes it hard for you to narrow down when the need for these services arises. And this need can be as often depending on the services you require. So, how can you ensure that you are dealing with a qualified HVAC company for installations, repair, and maintenance? There are many ways of vetting service providers. In this article, we explore some of them.

6 Tips for How to Choose a Good HVAC Service Company

  1. Ask for Recommendations and Referrals from Your Friends  

Your close friends or neighbors can be quite resourceful when it comes to hunting for referrals. This method of vetting service providers ensures that you are getting first-hand information free of bias and hype.

For instance, your immediate neighbor just upgraded their Air Conditioning system, and you happen to appreciate the outcome. In such a case, you could get the same experience if you relied on the installer’s services who did it for them.

  1. Be Aware of Your States’ Requirements for HVAC Contractors

Different states here in the US have different guidelines for all business operations. These requirements include Standard Operating Procedures, insurance, documentation, and board qualifications. Knowing what the law stipulates for HVAC contractors will save you from dealing with non-compliant companies.

More so, when you get into a contract with a contractor that complies with regulations, you will be assured of protection by the law in the event of a dispute. Hence, always look out for these requirements when going through the proposal that your contractor avails to you.


  1. Verify the Credentials of The Contractor

One thing you need to avoid when working with a contractor is getting involved with unqualified personnel. This is because you might end up incurring huge costs of repair in the long run. You’d better incur huge installation costs than repetitive repair costs.

Therefore, to avoid this, it’s advised to always ask your HVAC contractor for an operating license, business permits, tax documents, registration documents, and any other relevant document that verifies their credibility.

In most States, HVAC companies are required to have their license number printed on their marketing materials, and website.

It also helps to know who the contractor is and what they look like before they appear on your doorstep. Here at preferred services, we use a system that tell the customer exactly who is coming and we send a photo of the technician too.

Verify the Credentials of The Contractor


If you click on the link in your txt message, then you can also see the reviews that this technician has received too form happy customers…

Verify the Credentials of The Contractor


  1. Ask for Written Estimates from the HVAC Contactor 

Estimates are useful when you really don’t have an idea of the expected overall cost. These estimates will give you a rough idea of what your budget range will be. Moreover, any reputable HVAC company should provide you with an estimate even before you ask. This portrays honesty, fairness, and work ethic.

With an estimate of the upfront cost, you won’t be surprised by the expected costs. And, these estimates will help you compare costs from different companies before arriving at a decision. Additionally, ensure that you have these estimates in written form, for easier documentation and reference.

  1. Search for Online Reviews of HVAC Companies

There are several reputable online sites where customers submit reviews on services and products based on their experiences. These platforms include Yelp, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Google, and social media channels.

Search for Online Reviews of HVAC Companies

The good thing about these sites is that the reviews are honest, bias-free, and based on real experience. What does that mean? You will make an informed decision since you will have a gist of what it would like to work with company X or Z.

  1. Know Your Needs

This might sound obvious, but it’s not. See, your HVAC system may be in a situation where it requires an upgrade, a repair, or a replacement. In either of these situations, the approaches will be different, also meaning the costs. Henceforth, when looking for a contractor, you need to know what you are looking for, to avoid being the dark. However, you can also opt for a consultation before you undertake any action. Knowing your needs puts you in a position to understand the estimates we have discussed, makes you psychologically prepared, and gives you some control of the situation.

A Quick Recap on How to Choose a Good HVAC Service Company

A fully functioning HVAC system in your home sure gives you peace of mind. Besides, essential units such as Air Conditioners and Heaters make your home habitable during the varying weather conditions. To ensure that these units are functioning optimally, always consider conducting due diligence when installing and repairing. You can do this by asking for recommendations of reputable contractors, following the law, verifying the credibility of contractors, comparing estimates, looking up online customer reviews, and knowing what you need.


Read the transcript of our Video below…


So how do we choose a good HVAC service company? In today’s Preferred Pointers.
we’re going to dive deep into that very question.
So, if you’re like me and you’re about to spend five, ten, fifteen thousand dollars on
anything out there you’re going to do a little research.
And you’re going to want to do the best thing
you can to make the right decisions. Well today
I’ve invited Jeff Harrison from SwingPointMedia to ask me a few
questions about how we can make those decisions
and do the right thing for us and our family,
You know Rick, thank you, you know, one of the first things we
want to make sure of is how do I know you,
as a company or someone I’m looking at
Are they licensed? Are they supposed to be out there? Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. So there’s a lot of different ways obviously online these days
tells you everything you want to know almost anyway,
right so you can actually go on the CSLB website to find out if they are a licensed contractor
and quite honestly what a lot of contractors are missing out there.
These days is workers compensation and you may think yourself.
Well, that’s not my problem if they don’t have it
but the idea is if something happens in your home
and that our gets injured they can actually come after you for for the expenses.
And so, you want to make sure they have workers compensation.
They also have liability insurance in case any damage happens to the house.
What about you know, the state’s requirement. So those are those required by the state?
Yes. Yeah, absolutely. So if you if you have more than one employee,
you have to have workers compensation now if your cell phone
company and you do all the work yourself,
obviously, there’s no need for that. But if you have employees,
it’s a Why’re you know, one of the things Ricky’s we want to know?
Hey, is that company right for me?
And how do we determine that? I mean do we need to spend some time on what are my specific needs?
Yeah. So, you know, a lot of times companies are asking our
companies I’d say customers are asking us,
you know, what makes us so special and while I have a lot of different things,
I’d love to say about our company and add value to what we’re doing.
The bottom line is the voice of the customer. I always point our customers that are
looking to do business with us to actually get online
and look at our reviews.
Look at the voice of the customer
see what other people that have experienced our company have to say about what we do out there.
So you’ll see over 485 total five star reviews with an overall 4.9
rating. So almost a perfect rating with over 480 reviews.
When it comes to lets say taking it one step further on reviews, how important is it to
know that hey I could reach out to that company
I’ve chosen say hey, can I call somebody that you’ve done
work for? Do you have referrals that I can actually talk to you?
Yeah, we have a list of referrals. So if you’re a property management company,
we have property management companies we do a lot of business with.
Homeowners Associations, Presidents of Homeowners Associations,
Chamber of Commerce, Network groups.
There’s no segment of our business that we don’t have referrals for you.
So what about when it comes to verifying references,
what should we do when it comes to verifying you are who you say you are. A few different ways again.
The CSLB website will tell you that we’re licensed contractor.
It also show you that we are EPA certified to handle refrigerant.
You can even call our vendors that we do business with to find out about our reputation
because how we pay our bills and how we interact with our vendors will tell you a whole lot as well.
How important is it to, for me as a customer to say hey,
you know, I’ve had you come out to my home
and that actually how do I get my the the estimate is it a verbal estimate is written
how to what’s probably the best thing I need to do.
Well in today’s New Normal if you will, right,
we’re doing everything virtual everything a hundred percent.
If you need an estimate out there for a replacement system.
It’s a simple phone call and we have a list of questions that will go
over we can even FaceTime we can use ZOOM
because I’ll take you out here to our Preferred Lab
and show you the different components that were talking about
and so everything that we’re doing in the middle of our busiest season is done virtually
when it comes to replacement systems.
So I know you have a no touch program and when it comes to just having service done,
how do you actually do that under the conditions were in right now?
So what happens is when you call our office and we set it up like a normal service call.
Our customer service Representatives will actually tell you the
different steps that we’re going to take to protect
you and to protect our technicians.
One of those ways is we’re preparing right before we get to the call to ask you if you have
any special needs anything that you want us to be aware of
because we have our processes and procedures but we also want to know what’s important to you.
What will make you feel safe and give you the peace of mind that you need.
So on our way to a call our technician will introduce himself
and he’ll reiterate the zero contact procedure
and process and that just means that we need to have the normal meet and greet.
Handshake at the door, the hugs and kisses like normal.
We’re actually going to have you just open up the door for us.
And at that point we’re going to be on the phone with
you and we’re going to work out all the details of
what we need to do within your house to get you taken care of.
And then if there’s anything that needs to get approved we’re going to take pictures of everything
we’re going to have video recording of everything that we’re doing before
and after and then when we come to you with the different
things that are going wrong with your system
or things that need to be addressed we’ll send those photos, we’ll email them to you
we’ll text them to you whatever technology or a method you want done,
We’re going to do that for you. You know Rick the final question
and it’s not even one of the top 10 questions
when it comes to making that decision is the lowest price.
Yeah. How important is that in that decision-making process
when you’re working the customers are saying hey, you tick all
these, how important is that price of that
point versus knowing that I have a reputable company standing behind me.
One that’s good service company that’s always going to stand behind be here,
you know not just today but in the future? Sure,
I mean, let’s face it. Nothing really great out
there is a low price leader. Okay.
So when it comes to Quality
when it comes to all the different things like we talked about
earlier all the state requirements all the permitting
and HERS testing that’s required to make sure that the system was installed properly
because let’s face it.
We’re dealing with gas electricity
and water and those three things mixed in the wrong way can create some pretty hazardous
results. Let’s make sure we’re not getting the lowest bid out there for for your peace of mind.
So to answer your question the way we give our customers peace of mind
is we give them a two-year fair price guarantee
and that just means that we’re going to offer them a package
so amazing and so awesome that were saying if anybody else can do the same thing
between warranty, guarantee, the product the eficiencies,
we will give them the price difference plus a $350 bonus on
top of that, just to make sure that they feel good about
what they’re doing.
Wow. So, these are the things that
when it comes to making a decision on choosing the right HVAC service company,
whether it’s replacing or repairing what you have.
These are some of the things that you need to consider not just price. Rick, before I let you go,
tell us how they contact you if they want more information. Sure our main hotline 760-863-0832
or Rick,
Thank you. Yeah. Thank you.