How to Get Rid of a Smelly Garbage Disposal

Do you find yourself always having to hold your breath whenever you are emptying waste into the garbage disposal? Guess what? You are not alone. When the unit clogs or isn’t cleaned thoroughly over time, the waste in it starts to decay and produce a rotten-like stench that’s so disturbing.

This decaying happens because organic waste tends to attract bacteria that speed up the fermentation of it, which leads to the production of ammonia, hence the stench. However, these foul odors are not permanent or impossible to get rid of. Inasmuch as modern garbage disposal units are designed to breakdown waste and dispose it down the drain, when mishandled, they can produce an awful smell.

But what do you do when this is all new to you? Well, is how to Get Rid of a Smelly Garbage Disposal unit.

How to Prevent Stench Build-Up in Your Garbage Disposal 

Before we catch up on ways to actually keep the unit from smelling, there are several guidelines you can observe and avoid the smell altogether. It’s essential always to make sure that you use the garbage disposal for strictly organic waste. On top of that, you want to avoid stuffing it with fibrous vegetables, including starchy and celery foods like potatoes.

Additionally, eggshells and small fruit pits are excellent for cleaning the blades in the garbage disposal interior. Having the blades cleaned and sharpened will ensure that waste does not clog up on the upper part, which is mostly the root of the stench.

Tips to Eliminate Bad Smell from The Garbage Disposal 

  • Add ice into the unit

Ice cubes can dampen the awful stench and sharpen the disposal blades simultaneously. To use it, you can opt for cleaning the upper part with a kitchen loafer and soap, then adding ice cubes or adding the cubes without having to clean it first. Either way works.

Tips to Eliminate Bad Smell from The Garbage Disposal 

  • Use citrus peels to freshen it up

Citrus peels contain citrus oils that can add a fresh fragrance when added into the grinder. However, note that the peels will not help in cleaning up, but rather clearing the smell.

For it to work, you need to cut the peels into small pieces and add them into the disposal with some water. By so doing, you will reduce the odor significantly. Furthermore, you can consider adding some ice cubes along with the citrus peels.

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  • Deodorize the disposal with bleach

Diluted bleach solution is an effective way to eliminate the stubborn smell emanating from the garbage disposal. For this process, you need protective gloves for your hands, about one-thirds of bleach, and a two-thirds cupful of warm water. Then, mix the warm water and the bleach.

When you assemble these items, start by pouring the bleach into the drain, and add the warm water to complete the process. This method is utterly effective, regardless of the intensity of the odor.

  • Clean with vinegar and baking soda 

Vinegar and baking soda are useful when the garbage disposal is clean. After you have done a thorough cleaning of the baffle and grinding chamber, add about a cup of dry baking soda on the drain, then flush it down the drain using the distilled vinegar.

The acidic properties of vinegar will help with the dissolution of icky buildups and oils that cause the bad smell.

  • Use special garbage disposal cleaning products 

Of course, the above recommendations are just but DIY and cost-effective means of keeping your garbage disposal from stinking. Now, if you happen to have a flexible budget, you can head out to the nearest store and pick up special cleaning supplies that should serve the same purpose.

Provided that these products are specifically meant to clean the garbage disposal, their effectiveness is guaranteed.

Conclusion for How to Get Rid of a Smelly Garbage Disposal

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