How to Improve the Air Quality Inside My Home

The tremendous increase of bumper to bumper traffic and billowing industrial smokestacks are just some of the deadliest air pollutants around, but what about the air quality inside our homes? Have you ever thought about how safe is your indoor air quality? Although, we are very lucky in the Coachella Valley when it comes to air quality from Industrial by products, we do have a lot of natural sand and dust issues here in the Desert.

The truth is that indoor air pollution can be as bad or even worse. In this article, we will help you with great ways to improve the air quality inside in your home. Let us get started.

Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Inside your house, air contaminants can range from pollutants that come in from the outdoors by gas leaks, pets, and children. When it comes to gas air pollutants, carbon monoxide is a common contaminant to many householders.

If you live in a home that has gone long without renovation, indoor air contamination can come from lead particles and asbestos, which can lead to lung-damaging infections when breathed in.

In kitchens and bathrooms, indoor air pollution and contamination can result from mildew and molds where moisture levels are higher than in other places within the house.

Easy Things to Do to Improve Air Quality Inside Your Home

·      Changing Your air AC Filter

If you have an Air conditioning system at home, you are probably aware that this device is always working on getting your home fresh and free-from contaminated air. Especially when it is running 24/7 through our summer months.

But even though an air conditioning system is designed to filter clean air, it is sometimes vulnerable to malfunctions. An AC filter may recycle the air, and air may fill up in the conditioning system’s filter after some time.

Filled-up air pollutants on your AC filter do not only cause trouble and pollution to your indoor house air but also wears down your entire Air Conditioning system. Having your AC system damaged by air contaminants can lead to expensive repair costs.

To make sure you prevent your AC damage and improve the air quality inside your house, change your AC filter regularly.

Even better, when installing an AC system, make sure you get an air conditioning service plan that comes with a filter change policy to help you always keep your indoor air fresh and clean.

·      Inspect your house Air Ducts

Air ducts are tremendously helpful when it comes to distributing hot and cold air throughout your house. Air ducts provide you with a comfortable feeling in every room.

The thing you need to note is that if air ducts are not professionally installed, there will be a possibility of air contamination inside your house.

Over time, air specks of dust become prone to dander, dirt, or even mold that accumulates in, thus reducing the overall air quality inside your house. To improve your indoor air quality, make sure your air ducts are thoroughly inspected to allow free circulation of fresh and clean air.

·      Employ cooking vents

A Lot of indoor air contaminants come from the kitchen. Gas stoves do release harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Even if you do not use gas stoves but electric burners at home, your kitchen will produce the same contaminants in your air. Such harmful contaminants can lead to suffocation once absorbed in your bloodstream.

To improve your indoor air quality and prevent harmful infections, be sure to use cooking vents and turn them on every time you are cooking to help filter out air contaminants.

·      Use Beeswax candles to purify your air

Beeswax candles tend to have quality air purifying capabilities. Beeswax candles release negative ions that are different from most pollutants, which produce positive ions when burning, thus decontaminating air. Moreover, Beeswax candles are a hundred percent natural and reduce home air pollution and are environmentally friendly.

How to improve the air quality inside my home? – Watch Our Video


Well, hello there, Coachella Valley. Rick Cubas here, owner of Preferred Air Condition, Heating, and Plumbing, coming at you live with another version of Preferred Pointers. One of the questions we get quite often from our customers these days is how can we improve the air quality inside our home?

Well, one of those ways is with a product such as the Preferred Air Purification System.. The Preferred Air Purification System, which uses UV technology in order to ionize the dust particles that are in your air-stream so that they’ll clump together, making them larger in size so that they’ll either fall to the ground to get vacuumed up or make them large enough to where they don’t pass through your filter and instead get stuck to your filter because they’re bigger.

In that way, it won’t cause havoc on your air conditioning and heating components as dirt and dust is the number one cause of air conditioning system failure. So not only will we improve the indoor air quality and make it a fresher, cleaner air to breathe, but we’ll also protect your heating and air conditioning system.

Another byproduct of this is killing viruses, mold, bacteria, and germs. So if any of those things interest you, we would love to talk to you more about this product. You can call us at 760-863-0832, and we would love to share some more information with you. Until next time.


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