How Our Preferred Services Team Ensure Safety When They Come to Your Home

With the COVID-19 Pandemic leaving many uncertain of what lies ahead, the least we could do is ensure that we do not transmit the virus. As a service company, our operations largely depend on outdoor and material interaction with our customers. This interaction puts us in the spotlight during such times.

However, we must figure out a way to continue delivering our services to you. The government, in conjunction with health bodies, came up with practices that would help us combat this menace. In addition, we have the guidelines that we have ensured to observe whenever we are coming to your home. In this article, we look at some measures we use to ensure safety for you and us.

How We Communicate with You

As a culture, we always ensure we communicate promptly and frequently from our first call with you up until our job is done and beyond. There are various ways we have been doing this; emails, phone calls, and in-person conversations. And since the social distance is a thing we have been taking seriously, in-person communications will be limited moving forward.

How We Communicate with You - Indio Plumber

To account for the lack of in-person interactions between you and our services teams, we shifted to technological tools. These include video chat tools like Zoom and FaceTime, Messenger chat, Emails, and SMS texts.

We will do all this, keeping in mind that some might be inconveniencing for you, and that’s where we get creative and do all that’s possible to make your experience similar to what it used to be before the COVID-19 Pandemic.

How We Interact with You

How We Interact with YouWe understand that, just like everyone else, you are at home. And chances of damage repair and maintenance of your AC cooling systems emergencies are high. However, we will not let you get stressed up with leaks or faulty systems. On top of our security and standard operating procedures – nitrile gloves, floor covers, and boot covers, we will use hand sanitizers, face masks, and regular hand washing.

We have also set out to ensure that when contacting you in person, we will be keeping up to 10 feet apart. Secondly, we will ensure that we minimize the time we spend in your home. This we will do by taking pictures and videos of what we will be working on and sharing them with you via your preferred channels.

How We Have Improved Our Services for You

Air duct cleaning is a procedure we do with much keenness since we understand how important the quality of the air you breathe in is. With that in mind, we always ensure we clean and sanitize the ducts and vents thoroughly. During this period, we have gone a step further to use the sanitization product for fuming our facilities and equipment to make them sanitized and free of contaminations.

How We Have Improved Our Services for You

We have to add that with the improved services; it does not mean you pay extra for this. This is us playing our part to stop the spread of this menace that is upon us, while still committing to a five-star experience.

Where Do You Come In?

Our priority is always you. Your satisfaction is what we are always after. Looking at our new operating procedures, you might be wondering how your voice gets heard. We are listening. You have set your safety measures to curb the transmission of the virus. We respect that, and that is why we welcome your input and ideas on how we can both protect ourselves.

Therefore, in line with our ways, we would like for you to tell us over the phone about your expectations of our service delivery so that we include you, just as we have always been doing.

Watch our video below

Good morning, Coachella Valley. Rick Cubas here, owner of Preferred Air Conditioning/Heating & Plumbing, here to talk to you a little bit about the different precautions we are taking as a company to make sure you and your family are protected, as well as our team members. Now, some of the things we’re going to talk about, you’ve actually experienced on your service calls when we come out and help you out over the past few years.

That is the basics like protective eyewear, your face masks, your nitrile gloves, your floor protectors, also known as boot covers, those different things. Those are just standards in our company. 

How to Make it Safe When Service People Come to Our Home

The next level is what’s called the zero contact service call. Now bear with me on this. I know it sounds strange and a little awkward. Let’s face it, there’s been a lot of that kind of thing going on lately, right? We want you to know that we’re only doing this for your ultimate peace of mind.

It’s peace of mind you guys deserve out there. The zero contact service call is just that. We want to make sure we get you taken care of, get all those emergency plumbing, AC, and heating needs taken care of without face-to-face human contact. 

We’re going to go beyond the six foot and the 10 foot social distancing. We’re going to go to no foot, if you will. Where we’re going to utilize technology to the best of our ability in order to communicate all that we’re doing inside your home.

Then when we don’t need to be in your home, while we’re communicating these different things, we’re going to step outside of your home. We’re going to even minimize the amount of time that we’re on the inside of your house. When we’re communicating the things that we found, the different videos that we took, and photos that we took, we’re going to do that on the outside of your home.

How to Make it Safe When Service People Come to Our Home

We’re going to use apps such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Messenger.

Whatever works for you, we’re going to go ahead and communicate that with you. If you don’t have the apps, we can simply just text you the videos, or we can email them to you.

Then if there’s something that needs to get approval, because we’re not going to do any work without your prior approval, you’re simply going to text us back the approval or email us back the approval. We’re trying to make this as seamless as possible. Again, I know it’s going to be a little different than what you’re used to out there.

We’re going to accomplish the same five star experience for you, but just utilizing technology and taking the social distancing to another level to make sure we’re doing our part to do whatever we can to make this thing go away out there. I know it’s causing a lot of trouble for many families across the globe, including our own here at Preferred. 

The next level that we’re taking this thing to is a procedure called air duct sanitizing. Now, we call it air duct sanitizing because it’s a procedure we do right after we clean out your ducts. We scrub your duct work out. After we scrub all your ducts out, we fog in the air duct sanitizing product that kills the viruses, the mold, the bacteria, and the germs throughout your duct work.

It makes your house smell really good, too, because it will deal with all the odors that get stuck in that duct work.  Well, we’re doing that same procedure on the inside of all of our technicians’ and all our installer trucks. So anything that they touch inside their truck or in the back of their truck, where they have their supplies, tools, and ladders, we are fogging the entire area.

Leaving no surface untouched to make sure that they’re protected, you’re protected, and we’re not transmitting anything. We’re also doing that on the inside of all of our offices. In this video, you’re going to see the procedure done both in the trucks and inside our office. All the door knobs, door handles, keyboards, and phones, again, we’re going out of our way.

We’d rather err on the side of caution then take this thing lightly.  On the side of that, we want to know what your guidelines are. What are your expectations of Preferred Services? We have the different things we want to do to protect you, but we also want to respect what your ideas are, as well.

When you’re on the phone with our dispatch team and you’re talking about the different challenges you’re having with your emergency plumbing, AC, or heating needs, we also want to hear from you as to what you’d like to see when we come in your house, as well. Just know that our technicians are prepared to carry out whatever you want them to do, in addition to what we’re already doing.  On the side of that, we just want you to know that we’re listening.

We’re paying attention to you guys out there. We want to do everything in our power to make sure that you guys are staying healthy and happy. So until next time, Coachella Valley, thank you so much for choosing Preferred. We’re grateful to be partnered up with you in this time of trouble, and we look forward to getting on the other side of this with you guys. Until next time, take care.