Protecting my home from fire in an earthquake

If you’ve been passing over tips on earthquake safety measures, this is your time to pay attention.

Earthquakes have become the most feared world catastrophes. According to studies, about 48 states in the USA are at risk for major earthquakes, especially California and its neighboring states.

Protecting my home from fire in an earthquake

Map of earthquake probabilities across the United States

An earthquake is one of the most stubborn disasters that know no seasons or where to hit. Earthquakes always strive without warning at any time.  The question is, are you fully prepared when they strike?

Well, this article has sifted through ways in which you can protect your home from fire in the event of an earthquake.

Let’s get started.

Protecting my home from fire in an earthquake – Proofing

What causes fire most of the time during an earthquake strike is not the earthquake itself but the effects of shaking.

If you consider the risks of not proofing your home like what happened in this study: nearly 12,000 hospitalizations during the 1994 Northridge earthquake, most of these fires and injuries were a results of objects falling, friction between electric wires and devices that caused massive fires and striking people who ran out and left their gases on.

The first step to securing your house from earthquake fires is earthquake-proofing your home.  Don’t let your electric wires be connected next to a highly flammable device. A strong earthquake can send your TV or refrigerator to hit your wall and leads to sparks of electricity if there are open naked wires or loose fixed cables.

 To help you understand how you can entirely secure your home from fire during earthquake strikes, here is a study from the authorities to help you: Earthquake Country Alliance website.

Test Your Home Gas Valves

When an earthquake strikes, make sure you locate your gas meter and main shut-offs for the valves with those relatives who know how to shut off your gas without causing any leak. Also, identify the master-shut off valve of the gas.

the little firefighterThe Little Firefighter

Of course, having this little firefighter is installed right at your gas meter in line with your gas piping, and it’ll actually shut the gas off to your home in the event of a 5.0 or greater earthquake.

Additionally, if you do not a Little Firefighter, to help secure your home from fires, locate the valve and paint it as a danger indication so that in your absence, those at home could still know how to secure it.

After locating and painting your gas valve, ensure that you have moved the wrench at the meter. To do this effectively, use plastic zips or ties and straps to secure the meter.


Locate Your Electrical and Water Shut-Off

During an earthquake, the shaking can cause fires from electrical devices and the pressure of water. In fact, when water comes into contact with electric appliances, there’s a considerable possibility of suffering fire breakout. To be on the safe side, identify your water and electrical shut-offs, and seal them firmly.

Secure Tabletop Devices

TVs, stereos, lamps, and laptops can lead to fires when hit by strong forces.  By securing them, you are allowing yourself to be able to move them safely amid an earthquake, and so you’ll be preventing fires from these devices.

Check Your Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can stop fires. If you don’t have sensors, make sure you have the extinguishers replaced after sometimes. If you do have sensors, make sure they are replaced after a while. The recommended time to replace them is always about ten years for those that last longer.

Clear Vegetation And Flammable Devices From Your Deck

If you have elevated decks with fire-resistant building materials, make sure vegetation and combustible materials are kept as far as possible.

Dry vegetation could lead a small fire break out into something damaging, while flammable devices could attract fire from small forces and sparks.

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Good afternoon, Coachella value, Rick Cubas here, owner of Preferred Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing, coming to you live with another segment of preferred pointers. Now, as many of you know, we’re really big on being proactive when it comes to maintenance, but especially being proactive when it comes to your safety. So in today’s segment, we’re going to talk a little bit about the automatic safety shutoff valve, also known as the little firefighter.

Protecting my home from fire in an earthquake?

This little firefighter is installed right at your gas meter in line with your gas piping, and it’ll actually shut the gas off to your home in the event of a 5.0 or greater earthquake. Let’s face it, in the middle of an earthquake, when things are falling all over the place and there’s chaos with the kids and your spouse is freaking out, the last thing you’re thinking about is, “Where am I going to find a wrench? Where is my gas meter? Somewhere outside. And how do I shut my gas meter off?”

It’s just not going to happen. There’s too much going on. The little firefighter enables you to focus on what’s most important, and that is getting you and your family to safety as quickly as humanly possible. We’d love to talk to you more about this product. Call us at 760-863-0832, or check us out online at Thanks again for watching. Until next time.