Why do pipes make noise when water is turned on? – Watch our Video

Every time I turn my water on, I hear whistling noises or squealing noises or humming noises. In today’s Preferred Pointers, we’re going to address that problem.

So what I have here is a pressure regulating valve, and it does just that, it regulates the pressure of the water coming into your home. Okay? So, with this adjusting nut, we can adjust to either lower or higher. Now again, typically here in the, the valley, we have high pressure. We’ve been overly blessed with that, right? And what happens is when that high wa-water pressure comes through the house, it’s going to make that, uh, the pipes rattle. And so, one of the reasons why they’re rattling is because of improper strapping.

Now, if you look at this video here, you’ll actually see the different, uh, bracking systems that we have where the pipes actually attach to the brackets that are attached to the walls. And as that high water, or high pressure water is going through the pipes, it’s not gonna allow it to move around because as it’s moving around, that’s where you’re getting the copper to the metal humming noises and in between the walls, it’s echoing throughout your house.

So, the second thing is you can just simply have the wrong size piping that’s going throughout the house. Again, another reason why this would be a great solution because instead of re-piping the whole house and spending all that money on re-sizing the piping, we could just simply add this to your main line going into the house and regulate that water pressure.

So before I let you go today, you may actually already have one of these pressure regulating valves already installed on your main line. It’s typically the main line going into your home, um, on the exterior of your house where your hose bib is located. It’s just right there. Uh, you’ll see in this picture here. And you adjust it with this adjusting nut that’s on top of the pressure rated, regulating valve. And you just use a crescent wrench to either go clockwise or counter-clockwise to regulate that water flow.

Okay. So, let’s recap. We have four solutions to the problem of hearing the squealing, the whistling, the humming sounds that are going throughout your house when the water is turned on, right? So the first solution we talked about was proper strapping, right? So you can have your pipes that are on the inside of your walls not properly strapped to the actual two-by-fours that are inside the walls, creating lots of rattling. And the acoustics in between those walls, it can make all kinds of weird, strange sounds. Right? So, we want to look at that. The second option is actually regulating, uh, the water flow with a pressure regulating valve. And with this valve, you can adjust the water flow either up or down, depending on the current water pressure.

The third problem could be just improper sizing of your water lines. Right? And we want to try to do everything we can to prevent you from having to rip and tear and, and re-do all your water lines. And, uh, so we want you to be able to go outside and see if you actually have this already installed on your home. And if you do, you’re just gonna simple adjust this adjusting nut on the top portion of the pressure regulating valve, either up or down, depending on your situation, and that could be the final solve.

So, the good news is, your house isn’t haunted. Right? So, we’ve given you four solutions from basic, uh, which doesn’t have any costs associated with it, to actually replacing your water lines, which we want to do everything in our power to prevent that from happening because of the expenses involved in that. Listen, if this becomes overwhelming, my number’s on the screen. My name’s Rick Cubas. I’m the owner of Preferred Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing, right here in Indio, California.

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