Why Should You Have Your Air Conditioning System Cleaned on an Annual Basis?

All HVAC -Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning devices are known to function when they are regularly cleaned and especially when cleaning is done annually correctly. Air Conditioning System Cleaned on an Annual Basis is done to prevent costs such as repairing preventable malfunctioning caused by the famous domino effect, which in turn leads to the entire system breakdown.

Apart from reducing damages and repair costs, annually cleaning them helps in adding to your air conditioning system’s lifespan.

Why is it important to have your Air Conditioning System Cleaned on an Annual Basis

The purpose of maintaining your annual Air conditioning system’s cleaning procedures is to make sure it is up and running without any unexpected malfunctions. It is also advised to ensure your entire unit operates at top efficiency.

Benefits of having your Air conditioning System cleaned on an annual basis

Most people ask, what should I expect from my air air conditioning unit after having it cleaned annually? Is the trouble of having an AC condition unit cleaned annually worth it? The answer to these questions is yes, it is worth it having your AC system cleaned periodically or regularly if the need arises.

You should firstly be aware that some cleaning benefits are instantly experienced, while others may take a while, but all do help in preventing problems from developing in the future. Some of the prominent benefits to expect from having your AC system cleaned annual includes:

·      It Lowers Energy Bills

It is wise to have your air conditioning system cleaned when you think of lowering energy costs. A neglected AC system gradually loses its ability to keep your indoor and outdoor airflow at the same level of efficiency once dust and dirt start to block its filters and dust ducts.

Just like your car may start to get tune-ups and subsequently deliver better mileages once its operating machines and vital parts are cleaned, your AC system will also consume less fuel after giving it a thorough annual cleaning.

·      Annual cleaning ensures less repairs

Have you ever heard strange sounds or noticed odd odors coming from your air conditioner? Cleaning will help reduce the cost of having to call maintenance.

A good example that shows annually cleaning of your air conditioning system is vital is when your system has a fraying belt that could bring about malfunctioning that emits strange noises. Cleaning makes sure the fraying belt section is prevented from clogging and blockages that come from dirt and dust. This, therefore, shows that annual cleaning pays for itself by avoiding constant repairs that may be expensive than presumed.

·      Lowers chances of catastrophic malfunctions

We all want a problem-free air conditioning system. Well, after all, it is very inconvenient and annoying when your AC conditioner breaks down in summer times or during winter evenings when you need it the most. Annual cleaning takes care of all the parts that might breakdown due to dust and other malfunctioning causing agents, thus ensuring chances of experiencing catastrophic failures are reduced.

·      Increases Air conditioning system’s lifespan

As stated earlier, all conditioning devices are known to function at their best when they are regularly or at least annually cleaned. Without cleaning your conditioning system, there is a high chance of domino effects, which is widely known to cause the entire system’s breakdown. Regular and annual cleaning will, therefore, increase the lifespan of your AC system.

·      It enhances Safer AC operation

For instance, if your AC’s furnace develops a crack in the heating exchanger, there is a high possibility of monoxide gas emission that is poisonous. Also, an unclean AC system full of dust and dirt is prone to developing short circuits effects, which may turn to be hazardous when ignored.

Why Should You Have Your Air Conditioning System Cleaned on an Annual Basis

What’s going on, Coachella Valley? This is Broc with Preferred Services, coming at you with another Preferred pointer. This is Kasi, What’s up, Kasi? Today we’re out here servicing another air conditioning system, and one of the things that we want to look for on these units is to make sure that they’re staying clean. We want them to stay clean so they operate at their peak efficiency, reducing the operating costs, reducing the chances of breakdowns.

This particular system right here is just getting a lot of dirt and dust past the filter. On this portion of the unit here, this is the blower, so this is what’s moving all of the air throughout the house. Anything that gets onto this is what’s getting past the filter. As you can see, this thing is just really, really caked up. All of the dirt on these blades will actually reduce the efficiency of the system, it will make the motor work a lot harder. It can affect airflow, things like that. So we’re going to get this thing cleaned up and go from there.