Preferred Protection Program Membership Benefits

Residential HVAC Maintenance Agreements

A residential HVAC maintenance agreement provides you with a complete precision tune-up, professional rejuvenation, combustion safety check, and more. There are many benefits of a residential maintenance agreement, including:

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.

Investing in an HVAC maintenance agreement means that not only will you receive discounts on repairs, but that you’re heating and air conditioning systems will be regularly maintained throughout the year. When your systems are well-maintained, it can make them more energy efficient and potentially lead to lower utility bills. When your system is regularly maintained, it will perform better—it’s as simple as that.

All of our HVAC maintenance agreement holders get priority scheduling, including a complimentary scheduling call at your convenience.

When you have an HVAC maintenance agreement with Preferred Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, you’ll get up to 15% discount on all repairs during the contract period!

100% of your membership investment may be applied towards the cost of a complete system replacement, a complete system with ductwork replacement, or a partial system with ductwork replacement. 50% of your membership investment may be applied towards the cost of a partial system only replacement or ductwork only replacement. *

Preferred Protection Program membership must stay current. This applies to equipment and/or ductwork purchased from Preferred Services. * This investment has no cash value.

As long as your membership stays current, all repairs performed by Preferred Services will receive a lifetime warranty.

*Some Restrictions Apply

Preferred Protection Program A/C Maintenance

Your membership includes a professional rejuvenation that will ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible, saving you money on electrical cost all summer long, and can help prevent your system from over-heating and breaking down on the hottest days of the year.

Preferred Protection Program Heating Maintenance

Your membership includes a professional heating rejuvenation that will prolong the life of your system and will save you money from costly repairs.

Preferred Protection Program Whole House Plumbing Inspection

Your membership includes a one time a year whole house plumbing inspection that also includes a hot water heater flush. Preferred Services will inspect all plumbing fixtures because the average home loses 14% of its water to leaks. In an average residence, 22 gallons of water are lost to leakage each day, and the most common culprits are leaking toilets or dripping faucets. This daily leakage volume is about equal to the amount of drinking water a family of 3 needs for 2 full weeks! We will also perform a water heater flush to help prevent damage. Lime (CaCo3) is the most common element in “Hard” water. The more heat applied to the water, the more lime leaches out. High usage, hard water and time can lead to a limed-up water heater tank. By flush out the water heater tank once a year you will prevent lime-buildup.

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Preferred Protection Program

An Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing maintenance agreement from Preferred Services ensures comfort for your home.
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